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    Walking through trees, etc.

    A recent terrain optimization update has made all trees and other landscape details non-contact objects - just walk right through them. Many years ago, prior to the switch to CryEngine, this was how all of Entropia Universe was. There have been massive improvements to the platform that have made EU more immersive over the years - but for me, two critical elements were environmental - the introduction of day/night cycles so everyplace did not always look the same, and 'solid' objects so avatars had more natural interaction with their surroundings.

    Personally, I had always run around the trees as if they were solid because running though them was a spell-breaker. Solid trees made landscapes more that eye-candy. I know many players who don't care for graphics, they run low/fast settings and are happy that way, but I think more want and expect a highly immersive, 'realistic', gaming experience.

    I hope you are able to restore solidity to environmental objects - keep it 'real' (lol) - for me the current settings are a big step backwards. In the meantime, I'll keep running around them and try not to notice.

    What do you think?


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    OK, a bit of a false alarm - I'm not able to walk though any trees today - curious what's been going on, or is/was it only certain areas. Hmmm.... but I like it


    Some poking around finds the area around Snow Stretch, and some areas around GV that are full of walk through trees, etc., but most areas are normal. Now, has it always been that way - could be...
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    Didnt notice anything as i spent last weeks having a romp in the warm waters, where, of course, theres no trees.

    Trees are important in Toulan gameplay, as it is the only way for players like me to survive a thawr attack by climbing and waiting on a branch until Miles gets sighted as their next meal; so yes, trees need to be solid, definitly.

    Now on a serious side, Jelly zone needs improvements, the candy cane flowers are NOT solid, which is a shame, and never been.

    I was adding all Jelly zone problems but will head in bugs sections now for this.

    Be safe,

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    I've always seen vegetation in EU as in two categories - 'trees' that are solid and 'plants' which are not. On Calypso are some very small 'trees' (that are a pain when driving), and some very large 'plants' that are walk through. As long as small things are walk-through, to prevent needless snagging, and big things are solid - the 'realism' holds up.

    I've always considered the Candy Canes as plants - but wished they were trees. Now I find myself deliberately trying to walk through everything to test what's solid and what's not




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