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Thread: Color cutting

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    Color cutting

    During the color cutting mission you have to go around diffusing 5 different bombs by cutting the correct wire, there's like 7 colors to choose from and if you choose the wrong one you explode and have to start the mission over. While I have completed this mission and I do have the correct answers for each node it took me several hours to find it one wire at a time. IMO this is unfair and way too tedious because there are no clues given as to what one of the 7 or so colors to cut and a lot of the people I have talked to have just quit the mission chain because it's too hard. I think it's the general consensus that there should be some kind of clues somewhere as to what colors to cut. Maybe I missed them? If you have this mission I urge you not to quit it because it is part of a chain with a really cool set of clothes and sorry as hard as this mission was I'm not going to post spoilers here.

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    Well, at first we did consider having a Dial 1-800-number that you would call to order a "Toulan Game Genie" along with the "Toulan Official Strategy Guide" for codes to solve the quest =)
    but then we realized that in today's age, and wide access of Entropia information resources, players would just place the solution/walkthrough once some figured it out, even here on the forums.

    It does indeed make sense to place clues for the correct color sequence, and I think we can place them along the Beginner Experience leading up to this quest.

    Thanks SInister for your feedback which adds value to our development, keep it coming.

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    I played with several ideas to find a pattern or system when cutting wires and ended up making close to the maximum attempts on several of them, with every new idea I tried only making things worse

    Without a TP chip, the final location is very time-consuming to work on, so working out a clue/solution for the last wire could cut down on the frustration factor for the majority of avatars working through the chain.


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    I dont see any problem in the mission......

    Its just like finding the statuettes without the waypoints, its hard, and fun..

    Now taking a piece of paper and a pen to tick the results solved my problem, but i agree that its not given to everyone to use those dangerous sharp tools..

    No really i had good fun doing them missions, just like all the Toulan missions.
    Its Toulan, its how they want the missions to be, and its fun.

    Makes a change compared to the run run run point to point boring missions on other planets...

    It should stay as it is... its fine..

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    wires omg

    cut the black one in city center

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    cutting wires

    Well this took some time but this is what colors i used hope it helps what a pain lol #1 black -#2 orange - #3 white- #4 black - # 5 red hope this help some one out

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    Quote Originally Posted by inkman724 View Post
    Well this took some time but this is what colors i used hope it helps what a pain lol #1 black -#2 orange - #3 white- #4 black - # 5 red hope this help some one out
    Well, it doesn't help at all, as nobody knows whoch one is what

    Anyway, I'm glad I found one on the first attempt. Although it is still very frustrating to get through this quest !

    Havn't gone on youtube to spoil myself tho...don't know how long I will last !

    But overall, I like the idea of no vehicle and such. It remindsme of Project Entropia, the game I signed for 12 years ago. Thanks. Still. There were no quests back then.

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    The right is :
    #1 black
    #2 orange
    #3 red
    #4 black
    #5 white

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    Thank you for sharing such a useful information here



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