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    New Item Discovered: Tab Tab Figurine

    Just a heads up I was first colonist to discover Tab Tab Figurine after finishing the Tab Tab 12k(last stage) Was given with an 8 ped out of 15 ped value.....

    Mayby similiar figurines are available after completing the other Quwa challenges....

    Was I first person to actually grind away and finish that misison? Lols

    Reward was 1.71 of Skill (eiher Light Melee Weapons or Inflict Ranged Damage) + 15 Attrib tokens

    I chose Melee + Stamina

    Not Sure if the item is tradeable as even with me being first to find it there was no spot for MU shown..... Good Luck all and Happy Hunting

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    You do seem to be the first to make it all the way on Tabtabs. Elani just discovered the Bahri statue, the first to finish that chain, and I'm sure quite a few other mission reward statues remain undiscovered.




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