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    Question Kind of damage from mobs

    Hi, i try to find some information about the kind of damage from Toulan mobs, but didn't find any about.
    Is someone have some informations about?

    Best regards.


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    Nobody has any idea of the kind of damage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackfist696 View Post
    Nobody has any idea of the kind of damage?
    Damages seems to be aligned with each mobs attack style - not sure about the atmospheric clues they give off, but may indicate special damages - electric, burn, etc.

    I've never really tested - I just know what armors I have that seems best for what I hunt. It is an area ripe for research, but little testing has been done that I am aware of.

    It's still a ways down my personal to-do list. I'm hoping some one else beats me to it




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