Dear Toulan, Dear Developers, Dear Toulanians,

Here is an overall feedback i decided to dress to try and help the Toulan comunity, growing up and making this lovely planet even more enjoyable.

Overtime i collected valuable feedbacks from players, had my own thoughts, and had a few guess that i thought wise to share between players and developers.
Knowing that the Beladcom team gives an extreme care to Toulan, and listen carefully to what its habitants have to say, i thought it was time for a point.

I think down here indeed lot of things going well, some unbalanced, some still being on a working process, some in need of improvement.

I would like to start with the new arrivals points.

More players are born on Toulan everyday now. For this i know we all try to support, and help as much as we can.
But there is some thoughts and possibly improvement to increase the experience of being started on Toulan.

The storyline problems, even if it seems still on progress, are mostly solved, thanks to the Team's hard work, helps a lot the new arrivals to get started around.

I didnt have the time to deepen enough my researches in the mining re-roll efficiency, but im convinced begginers can now fully access Toulans ressources and be 100% involved in Toulan's economy; once again, big thanks to the team for this.

My concern goes more likely toward the sweating activity, and the nawa activity (which i will develop further below).
I tend to believe we now are likely to find more nexus here on Toulan.
But from a common feedback from the players, it seems it is way too poor to sustain a decent sweating market, essential to begginers, aswell as experienced players for mind essence.

I have myself the intention to organise sweat circles sessions, with a healer, which i would sponsor, buying sweat straight away to support our newcomers.
This being slowed, unreachable (unless decent depot has to be found yet, in this case please ignore this point) due to lack of nexus force.

In an overall situation, i think Toulan is being well set for begginers, with low mobs to start with, nice daily missions to help growin up, and mobs increasing difficulty slow enough to give a stepping-up challenging time as they/we grow up.
The loots also allow everyone to carry on hunting more and more, which is extremly good for non-deposit begginers.
And i would fininsh on the mining side, which once again i didnt have time to deepen enough to be affirmative, but the result seems extremly positive, allowing a fair return, in a wide panels of ressources found.

Now i would like to speak about the Temple.

The Nawa Temple is a big subject down here, but i also think there is loads in "Baldcom Studios" mind about it to be released.
Al-Nahar City being Nawa operated, most weapons being Nawa operated, last mindforce items implanted, and the disease eating life on Toulan, i am pretty sure i can affirm the Nawa on Toulan is like the Petrol on Earth. It brings us comfort, but is also driving us to our end.

Unfortunatly here on Toulan we already experience problems regarding the Nawa.
People come here to craft a bit to get this sweetglow texture BluePrint, go back home, and buy the Nawa on auction house. Nothing wrong.
Then we have what i allow myself to call the nawa leechers. People camping at the rig, fighting for their own thirst of PEDs as they only grab and sell overspace, preaching tensions toward players (cooled downed throught the PvP allowance), creating dramas and creating a very negative action toward Toulan's players themself.
Dont get me wrong, im not complaing that i cannot get enough Nawa, i settle my own problems by myself.
I would only make, maybe my biggest suggestion in this post, toward the Nawa Temple.

Low players/people from abroad coming only on Toulan for its Nawa bottles are never seen on the planet doing any activity. Once again, nothing really wrong.
Toulan's inhabitants, and crafters who backed on their home planet also wish this Nawa. Once again fair enough.

But Toulan is in development and we already see extreme tension growing between the rig leechers and the Toulans crafters.
From a very impartial eye, i would like to submit this idea to the Team to make either Rig leechers, and Toulans crafters happy.
Also, its a guess, but i am pretty sure it will stick to Toulans theme.

The Nawa is, story speaking, and as i understand it, a source of energy but also the disease source, exploited by Toulan settlers industry.
I would then suggest an improvement to the Temple.

-People being exposed to the Nawa source for a bit of time in the Temple, will see their avatar actions limited for a time. Just like a creature capsule does, limiting their actions (intelligence/dexterity/stats down, and why not some recurrent screen effects, like freezing in colours, to simulate a brain nawa infection (disturbing to hunt/mine)
This would affect them, and stick at the Nawa meaning, and make a player collecting nawa getting a penalty, but crafters will not wish to be limited, so it could give a real role to both party, creating like a balance, a "profession".

-People infected by the Nawa (infection could last a good 24 hours) are not allowed to leave the planet in this status.
This would limit the "come and go" players, closing the rig for couple hours before going back in space.

Now according those 2 points, we would have a more fair balance regarding the Nawa source. Helping both Players and Nawa collecters.
And i think actions need to be taken there as the number of players increase there, and the human situation there only grows worse.
It would also add a unique trait to Toulan, just as Nawa already is.
New ressource, new rules.

I have more in my mind coming up, but it is yet to be discussed before i release further plans.

I really, really hope this feedback/suggestions are appreciated by both players and developers.

We want Toulan to be self-sufficent, begginers friendly, team work friendly. We all work hard on it, and so far it is a total success.

I look forward to a future feedback.
Thanks to the Beladcom Team, Thanks for yous all playing on Toulan.

Be safe,