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    Join the Al-Nahar Wanderers - A Toulan based society.

    I have been active in Entropia Universe since 2007, and I've been on Toulan almost exclusively since the day of discovery. Creating the Al-Nahar Wanderers is my way to share my appreciation for Toulan with others and create a more stable and welcoming environment for all players new to Toulan.

    Al-Nahar Wanderers is focused on helping members reach their personal goals, and helping new players find their way and feel at home.

    Players of all skill and experience levels are welcome, and members are expected to support each other and share information freely. English is the common chat language. If you are interested in joining, check us out in any Society Terminal.

    If you would like to be part of developing the community on Toulan, I welcome you to join today.

    Stanley "Miles" Stardust - Captain
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    Having other players to chat with - for learning and for fun - makes all of EU more enjoyable. Toulan is still very small, and not much information is available, but joining our society will build up a community of players who share this unique, beautiful, and remote corner of EU, making it a nicer, more welcoming place for each of us.

    Membership Benefits for New Players:

    • General guidance and advice (with or without mentoring)
    • Information sharing, social interaction and group activities
    • I (and others) sell you looted weapons and armor for personal use at TT value (no markup)
    • I (maybe others) buy your small batches of loot directly, at fair markup, to keep you playing
    • Progress rewards!

    If you want get the most of what Toulan offers, and make the most of your time online, apply to Al-Nahar Wanderers at any Society Terminal. (It's free!)

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    Why will a society help me to succeed?

    The Entropia Universe platform - and Toulan within it - does not do avatar development like traditional MMO's. You are not stuck as any particular type of character, with specific goals to level up following a well worn path. There is no top level, no end.

    Here you start as a blank slate, and gain skills in the activities you take part in - naturally skilling and leveling the professions associated with those skills. This gives us the freedom to develop unique avatars for ourselves.

    This freedom of choice can be overwhelming with all of the possibilities, especially with the real cash economy. Having the support, advice, and comradeship of other players can help you find the things that suit you best, and the best ways to begin to work towards those goals.

    This is a game that provides never-ending challenges, for as long as you wish to play. All the time and effort you put into your avatar, the gear and skills and PED's you acquire (and what you learn about how EU works) go with you, if and when you wander beyond Toulan.

    Building a solid foundation for your avatar can be done on Toulan as well as anywhere. Having a home planet, and society to share it with, shapes your avatar and your experience in many ways, and gives you a much greater chance of finding long-term enjoyment. Join us.


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    Al-Nahar wanderers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkos View Post
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    Al-Nahar wanderers
    Really, we do.

    Join Al-Nahar Wanderers Today!


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    Al-Nahar Wanders is recuiting

    Al-Nahar Wanders is now authorized after passing the 5 member mark, and we're looking for more members who call Toulan home.

    Join us and share your Toulan experience with others. Check us out at any society terminal.


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    It's been a while, but we're still here and still looking to grow

    If you are looking for Toulan-based society, check out the Al-Nahar Wanderers at any in-game society terminal, or PM me.


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    If like us you feel like home on Toulan, feel free to talk about to Miles or myself.
    We sure both aquired enough knowledge to guide you throught the sands.

    Just like Toulan settlers try to grow to re-build its magnificence, Al-Nahar Wanderers always aspire to grow.

    If you can cope with my mood, you sure ready to brave every danger on Toulan


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    I don't like this costume



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