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    Zeraf armor harness MALE

    I would really like to buy this harness if anyone has one. Killed 100 jeef qaher now wihtout looting a single male harness
    So i kind of gave up on looting it my self.

    Looted lots of female parts but male parts seems to be dropping rarely, the male arms i only looted once, but atleast i looted them. But female arms i had tons of.

    So if you have a male harness contact me

    and then we just need shins and thighs to be discovered. tried one of the other jeef (zaher) but most of those i find i are to high lvl for me to hunt. But Miles, and i agree with him, said shin and thigh might drop from the other jeef type (zaher).

    ok thx

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    haha nvm i finally looted it huray!!



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