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    Qaffaz wave spawn

    Hi it is now working. Couple of points - wave area is still difficult to see and waves are very large - seems over 50 in each wave. Also how many waves?

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    last we did it, it was 4 waves long, 4th being the boss. and yes there are quite a few mobs in each wave, but nothing compared to some of the waves i tried on caly. with few people waves will be done quickly.

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    217 mobs in 3 waves then comes the L112 boss

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    Quote Originally Posted by bjorn View Post
    217 mobs in 3 waves then comes the L112 boss
    yes mobs have between 80-660 hp depent on wave and boss i dont know how much but people said it cost 100 ped to kill.

    personally i felt the waves was done pretty quickly when we were 3-6 people there. The problem is the boss. it does crazy dmg and if we all die in first hit, chance is wave will reset?
    makig all the dmg (ped spent) to boss a Waste.

    Thank you

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    We will continue to make enhancing adjustments to the Wave Spawners for the best experience, thank you for your valued feedbacks, keep them coming.



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