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    June VU Bug Thread.

    The New NPC's Zalaan and Moftah do not seem to be responding. I have come back a couple times today and no luck getting any response from him.

    Edit: a couple hours later I had to leave Toulan for a bit, (yes im coming back ) Before I left I ran the Qaffaz Wave event. I didn't succeed, got the notice that I had failed the event. And now after I am off planet, I am still getting messages everytime the event restarts and ever time it ends.. lol..
    Last edited by Cutter; 06-16-2015 at 02:00.

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    We're looking into the inactive NPCs.
    We'll check those stuck spawner messages.
    Thank you for your continuous valued feedback Cutter.

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    Cannot deliver mission quest for Thawr.

    If u try to speak to any mission NPC and then open quest log the game crashes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guarana View Post
    Cannot deliver mission quest for Thawr.

    If u try to speak to any mission NPC and then open quest log the game crashes.
    All Quest NPCs now fixed and working, no crash should occur.

    Thank you for your valued feedback Guarana.

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    Dukol 500 kills

    Stage 2 kill 500 Duhol

    I turned in the mission after killed 500 it aborted the mission instead of giving me my reward.

    Now ofc I have to do it all over again.

    The NPC is located near the Nahar teleporter.

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    Tawhr mission is working fine

    I finished the stage 2 Tawhr mission works fine next stage 3 is 1000 kills.
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    Bjorn, we will look into the "Duhol Quwa Challenge Stage 2", don't worry we'll make sure you get your reward and reach Stage 3.

    Sorry for any inconvenience, and thank you for your inputs.

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    Hi Mohammed,

    I am unable to start Stage 3 of the Jeef Q mission - the NPC ignores me - although I have credit for completing the first two stages according to the mission tracker.

    I'm not sure what the status was for old repeatable mission prior to the VU's because I was on vacation, but it is the only chain I cannot currently participate in - the others converted correctly.


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    With Today's patch, The Jeef Qaher Quwa Challenge Stage 3 is working again, please go back to the NPC to get it.

    The introduction of the Quwa Challenges, converted some of the Daily "Hunt 100" missions into the Stage 1 Quwa Challenge for mobs ( Jeef Qaher, Thawr, Qaffaz and Duhol).

    The rest of the daily "Hunt 100" missions are still intact, we look forward to the players valued feedback on the missions.

    Thanks for your continuous input Miles.

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    Yes, it is working properly now. I was awaiting stage 2, not stage 3, which also makes sense.



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