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    Long Shot is this seriously true

    I was here in the beginning looted these long shot guns for 7.20 ped, was nice low level gun, made sense, was eco etc.

    Then patch came out that made all my 7.2 ped guns 0.72 pec guns and the max tt value was 72 PED. I contacted MA and they said that was correct, I was going to use these guns to grind punys and was robbed of that privilege so just had to tt them all. I was a bit sad because I lost alot of ped by not tt'ing them earlier like most people did.

    Tonight I looted a 70 PED longshot, really is this still a messed up valued gun? It does less then 20 damage, shoots 81 meters and shot rate 38 per min. It isn't even what one would call a nice tagger gun, why is it so damn much still in ped value?

    Is this still a glitch to be fixed or is this TT fodder gun to stay in the game?
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