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    Deleting my posts now?

    So you don't like what I have to say and you delete my post. Since I have no say here I guess I'll follow suit with Franki and clear my storage to leave this planet. WTS most every toulan Tailoring...
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    Not impressed.

    So it actually feels like the tabtab leather drop rates are worse after the patch and now all I get from mining is like 99% lyst like when new planets come out. I just did around 30 drops and every...
  3. Transparent like a brick wall. I'm guessing you...

    Transparent like a brick wall. I'm guessing you were told not to say anything about ETA? Third quarter? Next year? Any end in sight? These are the same cryptic answers I was getting from the compet...
  4. Any ETA? It's 2019 and I'm not understanding why...

    Any ETA? It's 2019 and I'm not understanding why it's taking so long to change some integers and submit a patch. I have a background in game development and coding. i'm sorry but after hearing "were...
  5. My point is that the loot was never fixed. I...

    My point is that the loot was never fixed. I can't efficiently craft tailoring blueprints like I could previously and some of the mats either never drop or drop extremely rarely now. Try crafting...
  6. Fix your fukada loot already! Tailor can't tailor!

    It's the middle of feb 2019 and the loot 2.0 adjustments you promised in the patch notes over a year ago never happened. No caboria, bahri and pretty much no tabtab leathers are dropping. I spent a...
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    tailoring broken...

    A lot of your tailoring recipes use large stacks of tabtab leather and in February 2019 they still barely drop from any maturity. Please fix this.... Until it's fixed it's really not worth my time to...
  8. Liqa Shirt (F,C) Bugged and possible solution.

    While manufacturing Liqa Shirt (F,C) it was brought to my attention that this item is bugged. A main portion of the shirt seems to have it's mesh face normals reversed so it's showing as transparent....
  9. My take on Planet Toulan over the last few weeks.

    The good:
    Overall the planet is fairly solid compared to most of the other "New" planets. I found that while bugs are to be expected most of the other planets I visited on release had broken...
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    Find the 13 names.

    There is a mission where you need to find a list of names on a statue. Great mission and not posting spoilers however the statue where the list is located is poorly hulled for physics. Players often...
  11. Thread: Color cutting

    by SInister

    Color cutting

    During the color cutting mission you have to go around diffusing 5 different bombs by cutting the correct wire, there's like 7 colors to choose from and if you choose the wrong one you explode and...
  12. Thread: Fire Stone

    by SInister

    Fire Stone

    In the Mission fire stone you collect stones in the volcano and while you do have to collect all of the nodes to get credit you are given 10 stones per node so on completion you have a lot more...
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