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    Well, then! I can't have my "upgraded" starter...

    Well, then! I can't have my "upgraded" starter armor bugging-out on me! ;)
    Thank you for the reply and the advice. It sounds like I will make Toulan either my second or third planetary visit! I...
  2. Observation: n00bs Corner MIA - intentional?

    I've taken a brief look around the Toulan forums here and I noticed the absence of a n00bs Corner forum. I was simply wondering if it was coming later, or intentionally left-out during the planning...
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    Noob Starting on Toulan?

    Hello! I'm shopping-around for a place to call home for the forseeable future. I know Calypso, Arkadia, and I believe ROCKtropia are all good places for noobs to start, based on what I've read. I'm...
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