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Some things never change...

  1. miles
    My main goal in founding this society is to help new players on Toulan understand how to succeed, on their own terms, in a world where no other terms matter.

    I've enjoyed many years in Entropia Universe, and I've seen many, many changes, but there are certain aspects that are universal. Planet Toulan, for all that sets it apart, must still obey these Entropia Universal truths. If you want to get the most satisfaction of you time here, however long that may be, understanding these concepts can help guide you.

    1) There is no end, no top level, no upper limit - just an endless journey into the unknown - an epic life full of challenges that you continue to grow into as you reach for your own goals.

    2) It is not a race (unless you make it one) and the faster you go, the more it will cost. Your most valuable skill will always be your own knowledge of the game.

    3) Did I say it's hard? It is hard, and it's not easy either Having a group of players to share knowledge, encouragement and laughs with makes for a better experience. Ask almost any long-time player, and they will tell you about the others who helped and inspired them.

    4) Loot happens. The good, the bad, the ugly - and sometimes the amazing - but it's the same everywhere. What is not the same is the mark-up on the loot, and that's where you find your edge in the endless battle between loot and decay.

    5) Skills are loot. When you are wondering where all your PEDs went, check you skills and you'll find you've been investing in building your avatar. Play wisely for better value.

    6) Be who you want to be. This universe allows you to create an avatar uniquely suited to you. Just keep doing what what you enjoy to become the avatar you want to be. (A combination of short, medium, and long term goals helps.)

    7) If you're not having fun - try something else.

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