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Damage Tests

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Hellow Toulan,

I thought about posting few pictures i took while i was doing damage tests.

Really it was an experience ~ bit of a cost but extremly fun, been doing while hunting card parts so i had to visit all mobs anyway )

Its been a bit of a brainstormer to try armors, tick which gets hit, deduce what damage is filtered and this on every mobs with every combinations of armor and plates i prepared.

Afterwoods i thought of doing an estimation of the % damage in each type as i had more card parts to loot anyway, and those test been pretty relevant and gave me loads of informations.

Now shared both on this forum and on Toulan Wikia (thanks to Miles for updating thsi one as i ignore how to do that).

Hope those informations helps our people in future, and enjoy your time on Toulan


Surrounded by the Mohkat.

Having a swim with the Caboria.

Testing Acid on Mohkat.

Challenging the Wahesh.... Im not scared!

A strange find inbetween two runs.

Enjoy ~



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