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  1. Damage Tests

    Hellow Toulan,

    I thought about posting few pictures i took while i was doing damage tests.

    Really it was an experience ~ bit of a cost but extremly fun, been doing while hunting card parts so i had to visit all mobs anyway )

    Its been a bit of a brainstormer to try armors, tick which gets hit, deduce what damage is filtered and this on every mobs with every combinations of armor and plates i prepared.

    Afterwoods i thought of doing ...
  2. Getting started on a Blog

    This section has no entry yet, so maybe it be a good place to share my occupations on Toulan.

    I landed here and i think it has been comfirmed i was about to spend some time here.

    Ill try to make a point on my past year in this post, and then i will carry on a normal rate, sharing my experiences in this blog.

    First landing - as a propper noob.

    This was me on Cyrene right before settling down ...

    Updated 09-21-2016 at 11:34 by Eleni

  3. Hungary for Those Good Things, Baby

    Hello, és üdvözlik. Köszönöm, hogy eljöttek a blog, ma. Remélem, hogy élvezni fogja a látogatást.

    Ah, the wonders of modern computing technology, that any semi-literate web logger can present the facade of a multi-lingual savant. I can only hope that Google didn’t make goulash with the above English-to-Hungarian translation, lest I suffer a similar ignominious indignity as this old chap with a somewhat less-than-reliable Hungarian-to-English phrasebook. The best way to avoid this, ...

    Updated 11-17-2017 at 16:33 by karinka